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So here's the family history:  Back when my son was in high school, he started to get into guitar, and of course that made my heart soar.  So he wouldn't be a star baseball or basketball player (his dad wasn't exactly either).  And it  was a pure joy to nurture his development with great instruments, right?  The second guitar I got him was this one, after he started recognizing its place in rock music history.  It's a stock Gibson dot-neck reissue, but uniquely, it has the fatneck that graced the '59s...a big ole D shape that he was finding to his liking.  He's moved up and over to the single-coils he and I both prefer, and he's way into the indy thing, and is playing vintage Stratotones, Jazzmasters, and mostly this really cherry Mustang that I found for his college graduation present (beats the hell out of a Cross pen set, eh?), and we found an amazing '65 ES-335 that sort of takes this one's place in our studio.  


So here's your shot at a great, if not vintage, one, with a tiny history.  It sounds just like it should, is in excellent cosmetic shape, and comes in a shrouded Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case.  

Gibson ES-335, 2008  -  SOLD

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