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Lost Boy Guitars

So here’s the deal with Lost Boy Sound.


Probably a lot like you, I started off with a decent guitar, which led to a luthier-built guitar, and then to vintage guitars, and some other stringed instruments, and pretty soon, I had assemble a nice group of instruments, all with their own voices, and applications to playing styles.  It becomes a real passion, right?  I don’t consider myself a collector per se;  I play them all.


But I’ve found as I wandered down this road that there are some really nice, limited edition and small-batch guitars and even some vintage instruments, that I just don’t play anymore.  And every good instrument deserves to have music made on them;  it’s their purpose, right?  Combine that with some other cool equipment, and you have Lost Boy Guitars…me, generating some cash to buy the next instrument.



So I’ve decided to pass them along to the next player, and that’s what you find here.  I take extraordinary care of my instruments, carefully humidifying them through the dry-heated winters, keeping them in cases always, having them attended when necessary by top luthiers like George Youngblood of Guilford, CT, and Steve Uhrick at Retrofret in Brooklyn. 


Look these over.  I’ve tried to capture them with some really nice photographs, and I’ll share all the facts on any instrument, if you’re interested in hearing more. 

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