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Back when I was in college, we used to assemble, from this bunch of friends, whatever band a particular gig needed.  If it was country-ish, there’d be me, with my Tele Custom.  I’m not sure what year that one was, and why I sold that guitar, I’ll never know.  It probably is why I grabbed this one.


I like these early-early CBS telecasters, and this one is particularly unique because it can do that bridge-pickup tele thing, plus has a fairly broad sonic palette.  Plus it is pretty minty;  the fingerboard and original frets looks like it hasn’t been played, the neck has just enough wear to make it feel great, and there has been no monkey business with the electronics. 


This is a great sounding telecaster, and so classically uptown as a Custom.  In the original case, but no ashtray cover.  

1967 Fender Telecaster Custom - SOLD

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