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Here’s an L-00 from one of the favorite years of many enthusiasts of this seminal Gibson model. 


These little workhorses most usually saw a good deal of abuse, but this one is in great shape. Two back cracks, properly cleated and repaired with hide glue when Folkway did the neck reset, and a little side crack properly repaired long ago, are the only cracks anywhere, with the all-important top in great shape, short of a little honest play wear on the upper treble bout. New frets when the neck was reset, but original bridge pins, bridge, and saddle, at full height. Plays like a dream.


I’ve played a million of these, and they’re all different. Best I can describe this one is that it’s got the forward-sounding Gibson tone thing, with a lot of headroom, so it covers lots of ground tonally. 


In a later hardshell case.


(By the way, this is actually an L-1, by its attributes, but by 1937 Gibson didn’t have an L-1 in their catalogue. Go figure.)

1937 Gibson L-00 -  SOLD

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