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How can you not love a guitar that has a setting called “Wild Dog?”  That’s some cool out-of-phase thing that the folks at Burns dreamed up, to give this guitar its own place in rock history.  It got a good shot at that, when Brian May became a big supporter, as well as any number of seminal early rockers from Great Britain.  


Take a look at the mechanics of this thing;  Burns was truly a fanatical engineer, and the detail of the bridgework and vibrato are just incredible.  You don’t often find them with their whammy bar, so I scared up a modern bar from Baldwin, and carefully retrofit it to this guitar, to complete the package.  


Tonally, it really does it all, from the mellow jazzy sounds to in-your-face punch, and everything in-between, from the varied selector switch, and the unique way the pickups are set up.  As is common, its sunburst is a little faded, but still looking good, and short of a ding in the headstock, overall condition of this one is excellent.  This is such a bargain for a truly professional guitar.  

1966 Burns Baldwin Jazz Split Sound - SOLD

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