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I’m only the second owner of this nearly perfect 1952 SJ, and the first must have been as anal as I am. But for replacement Kluson tuners (the right ones), it is completely original, and looks like it must have lived most its life under a bed. Detuned, too, as the neck angle is perfect, the frets nearly full, as is the saddle. It’s sunburst is bright and without any blems, and it features the small pick guard. It had a 1952 DeArmond sound hole pickup when I got it, and I pulled that out, and had the hole in the side properly filled by Folkway; I’ve included the pickup, plus this cool silk rope strap that came with it….just because keeping these things together is the right thing to do. Scalloped braces, so it’s a powerful strummer, and is perfect for playing and singing. Comes in a nice, but later model, hardshell case.



1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo -  SOLD

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